Sunflower oil is acknowledged to be one of the most significant
oils of plant genesis.
Sunflower oil appears to be the main source of fat-solublevitamin E.

Vitamin E:

Prevents from ageing, strengthens immune system, balances proper liver work. Moreover this vital vitamin greatly affects endocrine, reproductive and other glands function, participates in carbohydrate and protein metabolism as well as contributes to memory improvement.
Desaturated fatty acids, also known as vitamin F which is vitally important for nerve fibers, vessels and liver cells complete activity – are crucial sunflower oil components.
Apart from this sunflower oil helps remove cholesterol from the body which in its turn protects blood vessel walls from atherosclerosis and thrombus formation

The content of vitamin E in sunflower oil ahead 12 times in olive oil


Sunflower refined deodorized oil of “SELECTO” TM is perfectly combined with any dishes and suits all kinds of food treatment: roasting, baking, conservation, salad cooking. Sunflower oil of “SELECTO” TM is manufactured from sunflower selected seeds.
Sunflower oil of our own make complies with the state standard of Ukraine DSTU 4492:2005 as well as the international standards, is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001, ISO 22 000 systems. It is delivered to many countries of the world.
Oil formulation, per 100 g of the product:
Energy: 3 761 kJ/899 kkal
Proteins:0 grs
Carbons: 0 grs
Fats:99,9 grs
Fatty acids:
 -saturated 12 grs
 -monodesaturated 14-35 grs
 -Polysaturated 50-75 grs
 -Vitamin E 60-75 grs
GMO free
Cholesterol free
Best before: 24 month from the bottling date.


of packaging
Sunflower refined deodorized oil mark «P» TM «SELECTO»
Sunflower refined deodorized oil mapk «P», TM «SELECTO» in PET-bottles 0,84L, 1L, 1,8L, 5L
Types of Packaging:Net weight: Quantity of bottles in carton:Norm of loading in 40 feet container, bot.:
0,84 L

1 L

1,8 L

5 L

773 grs

920 grs

1656 grs

4600 grs




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5 160

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